If Your Pregnant, When Does Your Stomach Get Hard?


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There are many stages in pregnancy when a woman's stomach will get hard. Which stages this happens at will totally depend on what shape and size the woman is and how she is carrying the weight of the unborn child.

  • Early stages
In the early stages of pregnancy, usually between six and ten weeks. The uterus will harden. At this stage it will be very low and near the pubic bone. If the mother is slender in this area, the hardening of the uterus will become noticeable. This hardening should only be the size of a clementine and will be the baby, uterus and all of the fluids inside to keep the unborn child alive.

  • 2nd Trimester
During the second trimester, usually around weeks 12 - 16, the uterus starts to move upwards and will sit between the pubic bone and the belly button of the mother. This will be stretching in size and will be expanding. As this moves the stomach area will harden and the bump of the baby in the stomach will start to show.

  • Week 21
Around week 21 which is at the end of the second trimester, the unborn child will be developing very quickly. One of the changes that happens during this week is that the skeleton, although this has been there for many weeks, will start to become harder and will become more solid. This is said to increase how hard the mother's stomach is and adds to the size of the baby bump significantly.

  • Throughout pregnancy
On and off throughout the pregnancy, the mother will retain water in different areas and for different reasons. This may be due to hormones or could be due to the temperature outside or what she has eaten or drank. This can have an affect on how hard the stomach feels. This can make it hard one day and a little softer on other days and is completely normal.
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Hardness of stomach during pregnancy depends upon your body before pregnancy. If you are a slim then your stomach become hard as early as 2 weeks but if you are fat then it can take 15-16 weeks. Usually average time when stomach can be felt hard is 8-12 weeks.
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Everyone is different. To hear the heartbeat at home, baby shops sell devices but I have no idea how much they cost. But I just saw a thing on a kid's show that showed a little girl listening to a baby in her mom's tummy with a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll! At 5 months you should be able to feel some pretty good fluttery movements. The first time I felt my first baby move, I thought it was my stomach rumbling. But then it kept on--and I wasn't hungry--and I realized it was the baby! Amazing stuff.
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I'm 5 months pregnant and still don't look pregnant. I was average and ive only gained about 5 pounds!!!
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I would not say hard but your stomach does get firm as a sac is forming in order to house the baby and protect it for the 9 months you are carrying it.....the best to you
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I'm 5months and wen I lay down it look a little flatter.
But than again big I'm still dizzy and hungry and its annoying!
I feel like I'm feeding twins
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Yes it feels a little strange and kind a bloated at the same time hard to explain but every pregnancy its different when I was pregnant of my last child I thought I had like a stomach virus or so.. But good luck to you.
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Some times since you are 2 weeks but its usually at the 3rd week. And if you said that your small complex  it seems that you are pregnant its time to do a test good luck.

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