How Many ALS Patients Have Had Their Symptoms Reverse?


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The conventional view is that there is no cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease.  The disease is progressive and while the severity of symptoms may vary or even fluctuate, they never get better in the long run.

Documented cases of apparent reversal are very rare -- too few to give an accurate count.  Some individuals have had diagnoses of ALS, and then recovered (read David Atkinson's story).  We can't be sure that these were accurate diagnoses originally, and the fortunate ex-sufferers often give credit to bizarre things (like reading obscure passages of the Bible) for their apparent recovery.

Treatment to alleviate symptoms include things as simple as hot baths, good quality diet, cutting alcohol out completely, over-the-counter pain meds, and some specialist meds -- including in the future perhaps, THC, which is extracted from marijuana.

Some people/web sites claim they can prevent or cure ALS.  It may be worthwhile to try some of their treatment regimes, but keep in mind that these are unproven remedies, and are not promoted by most people with a thorough understanding of how ALS usually develops and progresses.  Really not advisable to try anything that is contravened by the main stream advice.

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