I Have An Orange And Black Platy. I Think She Is Pregnant. She Is Pooping A Lot And Has Made Herself A Spot In The Gravel At The Bottom Of The Tank. Are These Signs Of Labor?


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It's not really called "labour" when it's a fish.. I mean, they don't really struggle to pop fry out the same way the uterus of many mammals has to do lots of strong forceful contractions to expel a fetus.

Anyway, it does sound like she's nesting.  Your question is 4 days old, has she had her fry by now?

From first few days until the fry are about 3 weeks old they need special baby fish food -- something much more powdery than the adult stuff.  Liquifry is one brand, other people just swear by crushing flaked food down to powder.

The mother fish will likely eat her young, so best to separate the fry from any adults when they are born.

After the first live birth, the mother will continue to produce young for the rest of her life, every 80 days or so - no more mating necessary(!).

The forums on Fishforums.net and fishowners.com are useful resources for breeding platys.
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I suggest you take her to a vet n stop making presumptions, it might not be pregnancy.

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