What Is A Possible Treatment For "Weavers Bottom"?


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Weaver’s Bottom or ischial bursitis is usually treated at home using the PRICEM method.  If you are diagnosed with Weaver’s Bottom, your doctor will probably recommend you care for the condition with Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Medication (PRICEM). This can be accomplished fairly easily by following these steps:

Protect the affected area by using padding. Your Weaver’s Bottom was probably caused by prolonged contact (sitting) on a hard surface. If your job requires you to sit for long periods of time, you will need to get a chair cushion.

If possible allow the affected area to rest. Instead of sitting down all day at your desk, you may choose to stand. This will allow your backside to rest and probably alleviate some of your symptoms. When you are at home try to ice the affected area at least twice a day. This should decrease swelling and pain.

Compression and elevation may be difficult in cases of Weaver’s Bottom, but do the best you can to follow as many parts of the treatment method as possible. You may be able to find special undergarments that will provide more support for your condition.

Your doctor will probably suggest aspirin or ibuprofen to manage the pain of Weaver’s Bottom. Once again this will also help reduce swelling. If the affected area is quite swollen, your doctor may choose to inject the bursa with a corticosteroid.

Most cases of bursitis are not infectious, but you should check with your doctor just to be certain. Unfortunately, if infection occurs, the area will need to be drained with a needle. Your doctor will give you oral antibiotics and the condition should clear up quickly.

Weaver’s Bottom is often acquired due to occupational requirements. You can reduce the likelihood of having this condition by sitting in a padded chair and varying your work habits (sitting and standing). See your doctor right away if you start to show symptoms.
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I  my friend suffers from weavers bottom she has had inflammatory injections but were unsucessful is they a ny thing else what is the options
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You should go visit a local hospital.
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Weaver's bottom refers to the Inflammation of the bursa that separates the gluteus maximus muscle of the buttocks from underlying bony prominence of the bone. It is caused by prolonged sitting on hard surfaces. The treatments include a number of options, details of which can be found on the link below:

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