How Long Does The Drug Norco Stay In Your System?


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There is no perfect answer for this question, as results will vary depending on how often you take Norco, your height and body weight. How long the drug stays in your system, irrespective of whether it’s legal or illegal, depends massively on these factors, as well as how much exercise you have. Stress levels can also have an impact on the duration that Norco’s chemicals will remain in your bloodstream.

Other things, like how long you have taken the drug for and how much you generally do take, will contribute to the length of time it takes the drug to leave your system. For most people, however (‘most’ people being those with an average body mass index, who do an average amount of exercise with an average amount of stress), you can expect that it will still appear in your urine within three or four days. Wait until after this length of time, without taking the drug and it will not appear in your urine test.

Norco is a habit forming drug that is used and prescribed to relieve pain. Used by many people that have severe problems with their body and who experience a lot of pain, the drug is not often prescribed for heavy use. Quite often the drug is used illegally, as it is a narcotic. If you are currently using the drug for illegal uses, then there are other things that you should be worried about rather than how long it will take to not appear in your urine.

Instead, you should be worried about your health. If you are struggling with an addiction to the Norco drug, then you should get in touch with a drug rehabilitation center as soon as possible. They will be able to help you with your addiction and allow you to live a much better quality life in the future.
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Norco is an opiate and stays in the system 2-3 days when taken only once or occasionally. When taken daily, it can stay in the system up to 7 days.
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I have taken norco for the past 6 months or so for my magrane. I have stopped all together as of today. How long will it take to get out of my system? And what can I take to get it out faster?
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I took  5 norcos  one day and never took anymore how long will it stay in my system.

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