How Can I Get Weed Out Of My System In One Day?


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I’m assuming you need to know this because you have to take a drugs test. If you’re having a urine test, and it’s not for a parole board, or for high-end athletics, then there are some high-street remedies that might work.

High-Street Remedies to Pass a Drugs Test
Drink cider vinegar and a gallon of water the night before, with another glass of water about an hour before your test.

If you have to have a hair analysis test, or your urine sample is going to get sent to a lab, then you will not pass the test no matter what you do.

There are also more specific remedies that claim they can detox you quickly, and you will be able to find these in the same place that you get your bong and other equipment from. The vast quantities of water that you have to drink with any remedy is to make you urinate more frequently in an attempt to flush out the toxins that will give you away.

Some of the products available simply remove THC (the active substance in weed) from urine, while other, more expensive ones, claim to be able to remove it from your hair and blood samples, too.

THC is the drug that is more likely to stay in your system for months because it is fat-soluble, which allows it to be stored in the fatty tissues of various organs, and so it is the substance that is likely to make you fail drug screenings more than any other.

Once it has been stored in your organs, THC is slowly released so that it can be metabolized. It is the metabolites of THC that will be found in your urine, or elsewhere, after it has been excreted from your body.
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There are a few things to consider when trying to pass a urinalysis (UA). How much you weigh is key, because THC is stored in fat cells, so if you're skinny it will be easier to clean out, and conversely, if you're heavier, more time is needed.

It also depends on the quality of the weed, and the amount of time you have until your test. I have heard of a million tricks, but the one that seems to be the best is this:
  • Add one packet of Sur-Gel (located next to jello, the stuff used to make jelly) to 20 oz. Cold water, shake well and drink up
  • Eat something (preferably greasy as it will make your pee yellow)
  • Drink another 20 oz. Water
  • Pee at least once or twice, before the actual test.
  • All set!
Basically the more time you have without smoking the better, but the Sur-Gel lines your stomach and everything else in there so the THC isn't able to be released. You only have about one and a half hours before the stuff wears off, so plan it out effectively.

I have heard about people from the army and marines using this method, as well as people on probation and it seems to work like a charm. Make sure you follow with directions exactly and be warned that if you are over-weight this is pretty risky.

One more thing, I don't know where you live but nowadays there are actually fake penises with fake urine in them that you can just stick in your pants and it works great. If you're just getting a pre-employment UA consider using someone else's clean pee.

But if it is for probation or something I would just dilute with as much water as you can possibly gag down so at least not a lot of toxins will be detected, It will show up unclear in the test, and give you more time to try to clean out.

Think of it this way: If you pee every 15-20 minutes that doesn't allow a lot of time for the urine to  absorb THC, so keep that in mind. Hope this helps and good luck to you.
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I'm in same predicament right know. I'm a constant smoker, but I haven't smoked in two days. I've gotten it out of my system in 11 days before, by running and making myself sweat like crazy. You've got to constantly drink cranberry juice or pomegranate (it helps clean out your intestines).

Some people tell you to buy those drinks, but they don't always work - I've bought about six and out of those six tests I failed one. Marijuana can take several months to get out if you're a constant smoker.

I used to smoke about a quarter a day at least and I failed my first three drug tests even though I hadnt smoked at all. If you fast for a few days (eat only fruits and veggies and drink water evertime you get hungry) your body feeds off of the fat that's stored in your body that contains the THC.

You'll know it's working when your wee comes out a darker color. Do some exercise and you should be good. Buy a home test kit the day before to see how you are. If you still fail that one, go get yourself a detox drink - it should work because you've gotten rid of most of the toxins.

You've got to reallty motivate yourself to do all this. And resist all temptations.  I run twice a day for an hour each. Good luck.
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there is no way that it will just leave your system within 24 hours but you can drink about a gallon of water a day until your test but make sure you space it out by drinking a cup every hour or you can drown yourself by the water you always need to pee in between every cup you drink you want your urine to be clear

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You can purchase drinks or pills that can clear out your system in about 1-3 days depending on the quality of the product. Don't purchase the wrong one - some don't work!
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If you're a frequent smoker of weed it usually takes 30 days to get out of your system. If you only smoke it once in a while, then two weeks should be okay.

THC is a very potent drug like nicotine. What happens is the THC turns to like a tar substance in your blood stream which is then passed through your urine.
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There is no way to get weed out of the system in one day. It normally takes at least three days even if only smoked once. Much longer if smoked on a regular basis.
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If you have a healthy metabolism (no health problems and aren't overweight) it should be out of your system within that time. Takes 4 days or so if smoked every now & then. THC only stays in the system 30+ days if smoked on a regular basis or in people who have a slow metabolism.
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Unfortunately, there are no methods available for quick removal of narcotics like marijuana. Elimination of these drugs depends upon normal kidney functioning, dose and duration of use.

Marijuana can be tested for in blood for 12 hours. In urine, for a light user, it can stay for 7-14 days and in a chronic user for 1-3 months. In a hair follicle test, it can be found for 90 days.

Some over-the-counter products are available for quick removal, but without any scientific evidence. Only manufacturers of these products claim about their efficacy.
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If I know in advance that I have a UA, this is what I do (it wont work over night though). I try to quit smoking 1 - 2 weeks before. I then shoot up some meth every day for about a week leaving 3-4 days before the test to allow the meth to clear out of my system.

The meth makes me sweat buckets, burning the THC out of me. It also helps to fight off the urge to smoke pot. I also drink plenty of fluids.

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