Are There Bras With Nipple Holes?


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There are bras with nipple holes and they are usually referred to as ‘Peep Hole Bras’, which is a slightly more sophisticated name. Peep hole bras are usually classed as ‘lingerie’ as they usually have the intention of being worn as a seductive item of clothing rather than a practical piece of underwear. They can be bought across a variety of websites across the internet or in adult underwear shops such as Ann Summers which are popular on most high streets. Peep Hole Bras are often made from lace or silk and often have bows or ribbons or other decorative extras to make them appear extra special. You will usually be able to purchase them with matching panties.
Peep Hole Maternity Bras are also available to aid new mothers when they are nursing their baby. These maternity bras are usually designed for comfort, ease and practicability. They are particularly helpful for breast-feeding mothers when they are in the awkward situation of needing to feed their baby in public. Some people feel uncomfortable seeing a baby being breast fed so maternity bras are designed so this can be done in a discreet yet comfortable manner for both the baby and the mother.
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Sissors and some sewing and you can easily make your own out of a bra that you already own.

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