My Nipples Are Sore And I Feel Bloated With Lots Of Gas, Could This Be A Symptom Of Pregnancy?


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Well the first thing you should do regards anything to do in this field is get a home pregnancy test and exhaust that avenue first. But I assume you've already done this and a couple of times over, hence you're posting here asking for advice.
Well, sore nipples and feeling bloated with lots of gas can be a symptom                                                                                                                                       1. Is the any implantation bleeding? You may also be experiencing cramps and spotting?
2. Is there a delay or a difference in menstruation? If you become pregnant, your next period should be missed. Bleeding while pregnant is relatively common, but typically the bleeding will be smaller or less heavy than a normal period.
3. Do you feel tired?
4. Does your back ache? How about headaches?
5. Do you need to go to the ladies room more often than usual? This usually occurs six to eight weeks after conception.
6. Is the skin around your nipples darker?
7. Now for the classic, any strange food cravings? Been gobbling the gherkins and jam?
If you have any or all of the above you may be pregnant. Basically when it comes to medical matters, if you are really concerned or it is affecting your quality of life then it's best to visit your local doctor's surgery. If it is nothing, the visit will settle your mind, while if it is something you're in the right place to start a course of action.
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I am experiencing the same thing my period is due in three days and I usually get pms symptoms  a week before my period is due but all I am having this time is sore nipples has anyone else gone through this ?
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I been like this for the past week or two, too. I been bloated up so up, my stomach is hard, my boobs are tender, I'm weak, and tired all the time, I'm always hot, I'm always thirsty, I get stomach pains, and headaches. I'm on the pill, and my periods are never late on the pill, I'm three days late, and I finally started my period, but it don't seem normal.
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I have the Cooper iud which is suppose to last 5 years my periods are irregular I could miss a month and get it the next month my last period was short and light I'm now have sore breast, bloated and lots of gas and pain in my lower back and pain in my lower abdomen I'm always getting headaches and lately my partner has said I'm being moody could I be pregnant even with the iud
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I have irregular periods but usually get AF every 30-35 days I'm on day 34 right now but I have had very unusual breast soreness for about 2 weeks now.  I usually get sore swollen breasts about 10 days before AF but they've been very sore for about 15 days now and not the same soreness I usually get----it is much more intense and uncomfortable.  I have also been experiencing AF type cramps for about a week now and I usually don't have any cramps until the first day of my period.  My boyfriend and I use the withdrawl method and we have used it effectively for over a year but about 2 weeks ago when he pulled out I noticed that there was only a few drops of semen released on the outside and I'm worried that he didn't pull out on time.   Is there I chance I could be pregnant or am I just being paranoid?
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My nipples are tender...ive been off of the depo for 8 months now...and my stomachs been cramping and ive been been and spotting.....could I be pregnant
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I'm suppose to have my period in 3 days
and the last week, I have been experiencing sore nipples
and I have been on birth control for the last 5 years now,
I usually experience tender breasts before my period, and I am as usual
but this time I have sore nipples. Could it be a change in hormones?
I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it was negative, so I'm not sure if I should be worried that I'm pregnant or not.
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There is a possibility! Not trying to scare you but they were my symptoms last week and hay presto! The best thing to do is to get a pregnancy test, do it early , first thing when you wake up, your urine will be stronger then than any other time of the day, if the results are positive you need to go to a doctor. Hope you get the outcome you want! X
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Was anyone pregnant? I had the implant put in 7 months ago and haven't had a period since (hooray). But now I have very sore nipples (7-10 days worth), and gas. I did give up sugar a couple of weeks ago so hopefully it's that, but if I'm still sore in a week or so I think I'm going to take a test.
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I have never had sore nipples with any of my previous pregnancies although it can be a sign.
It is 41 days since the 1st day of my last period. I am tired, bloated & have on and off stomach ache in my lower stomach.
I did 3 cheap HPT last week, all neg, however I tested neg on my first test when I was preg with my 3 yr old then tested positive a week later.
Going to leave it 1 more week then test again.
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Hi everyone I am 21 years old and my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex.  We've done the pull out method and I know this is TMI but he has also came inside my butt.  I have been moody, gassy, sore nipples and crazy headaches for about 2 weeks now.  I had a very short period that lasted 3 days and I am still having pms like symptoms.  I didn't take a test because I had my "period" but I don't think its normal to still have these symptoms afterwards.  I've never experienced anything like this so I don't know if I should wait for my next period or if I should just take the test.
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No, your stomach should not hurt if you are pregnant unless you are having complications. But your stomach may fell tight and you may feel as though you need to crunch over. But it should not be pain more of just a discomforting feeling.
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Those are symptoms of pregnancy, but are also symptoms you can get right before your period. If you miss your period though I would go take a pregnancy test, although the hard belly usually doesnt happen until you are at least 3 months pregnant. You could have gas and boobs hurt because your about to start your period.

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