What Can You Put On An Iron Burn?


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What you put on an iron burn depends upon the severity of the burn. There are many different types of burns. Burns are measured in degrees and there are three main types; first, second and third degree burns. A first-degree burn is when the skin turns red. There are no blisters and no skin is burned away. Applying 100% aloe gel to the area several times a day best treats this. This type of burn will normally heal within a few days. A first-degree burn may blister after a day or so. This is then referred to as a second-degree burn. This is when the skin blisters immediately or after some time. The best way to treat a second-degree burn is to rinse the area with tepid water, leaving the water running to rid the burnt area of germs and dead skin. The burnt area should then be left to dry naturally. Apply a prescription cream for burns; the most common of these is Silvadene. Burn creams contain antibiotics, and therefore are full of healing properties. This not only relieves the pain, but also will reduce the risk of infection. This should be applied carefully and a bandage should then be placed over the affected area and taped into place with gauze. It is important to stretch the skin a few times a day, as some burns will heal too tightly if not cared for correctly. Once the blisters have popped, then the dead skin should be cut away, again helping the speed of the healing and preventing infection. A second-degree burn should be treated until the new skin has developed and is a pink color. A third-degree burn is a burn that takes away a few layers of skin and there is no skin left to form a blister. The best course of action in this scenario is to see a doctor immediately.
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It is very important to take care whenever dealing with an iron burn. Immediate medical care is required otherwise the burn can spread and permanently damage your skin by either leaving a mark or disability. As soon as you get burnt, it is very important to keep the burnt part under running cold water or apply a bag of ice on it. This will prevent the burn from spreading. Next thing to do is apply a burn cream on the part. The burn cream should have antibiotic and antiseptic qualities which are highly recommended. The wound should usually heal after a couple of days. If the wound does not heal in a matter of two days, you should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will provide you with the right treatment.
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The only way you can remove an iron burn is by replacing it with a matched carpet (wich you might have to get custom designed try or cut a piece from your inside cupboard, and get some one to replace it for you. Throw/Toss the burned piece out (unless you want it framed) and get a matched carpet like I said and replace it into the cupboard, it doesn't matter if it looks exactly the same because you won't see it anyway. Be aware/careful for any staples into the carpet wich could possibly damage or  make it worse.

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