Will Echinacea Put Weight On You?


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Echinacea is a plant which has been used since ancient times in Northern America and now throughout th eworld as a boost to the immune system, but taking echinacea should not lead to any significant weight gain.
It is almost a unique herb because it works to eradicate viruses, fungal infection and also bacterial infections. However, some scientific research published in January 2006 was sceptical about just how powerful it is against fighting various illnesses.
It is reputed to help the bodys immune system fight back and it may also be used to treat boils and abscesses but contra indications are very rare and weight gain is not associated (currently) with this herb. If you have recently put on a lot of weight whilst taking this herb (and it should only be taken for periods of 2 weeks, then a rest period) then it is important to seek medical advice if you feel that the weight gain is inexplicable.

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