Does Drinking Water Help Alcohol Leave The Body?


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Bill answered
That's right, most of the alcohol doesn't leave the body it's broken down to sugar in the liver. That's why alcohol consumption results in weight gain and eventually cirrhosis of the liver. Drinking water will make the kidneys work harder and dilute what alcohol is excreted via the kidneys, that's where some confusion might arise.
Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
Alcohol rids itself pretty quickly from the system to begin with. There's no need to drink a lot of water but it would help to get the alcohol out a little quicker.
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G B answered
No, it will however replenish the fluids that you lose due to alcohol consumption. So if you're trying to pass a piss test it wont work. If you're trying to get over a hangover faster it will work. Lots of water to rehydrate your self. A hangover is basically dehydration.

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