How Do You Get Alcohol Out Of The Body?


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First thing to do is stop drinking. Alcohol stays in the body for a maximum of 24 hours and get out of the system through urine. Getting alcohol out of the system varies. There are many theories by people on detoxifying. You can find many detoxifying clinics in your city which help you remove alcohol out of your body with ease. Drinking amounts of hot water also helps a lot. Doing exercises or hitting the gym every day helps a great deal in detoxifying. The process is quite disturbing for the person, as the person may go through a lot of difficulty if he is addicted to alcohol. Alcoholic Anonymous also helps a lot of people around the world to get of alcohol and detoxify.
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Yes. Since you're not overweight, it will be gone. The only way that it would still be in your system is if you stay dehydrated the entire weekend. Drink plenty of water on sat and sun.
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It is friday if I drink 12 12 ounce beers tonight will it be out of my system by monday morning? I  drink at least 12 beers a day. I way 150 pounds and I'm about 5ft 11

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