I Am White, But My Boyfriend Is Dark, Like Half Cast, What Colour Will My Baby Be , I Have Fair Hair, With Blue Eyes, He Is Dark With Black Hair And Brown Eyes. Please Help!?


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It is almost certain that the child will be darker than you. Will it be as dark as the father of the child? Possibly it will, although the baby may well be lighter than the father, but darker than you. Genetically speaking, the darker skin color and hair color should be dominant. But that is not a positive. Nature has her funny way of playing tricks on us. For instance, if somewhere in his families history there was another fair skinned, light blue eyed person, those genes may just join forces and surprise you both and you may have a child that is as nearly as fair as you & this may be true since you called him "half cast". Were I you, however, I would assume that my child was going to look more near the father than myself as far as coloring is concerned.
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You'll never know for sure until you have the baby. I am mixed black and white, dark course hair and brown eyes. My boyfriend is white with dark brown fair hair and hazel eyes. Our son came out white with dark fair hair and brown eyes. Then his hair turned bleach blonde and was like that for a year. He's 5 now with light brown fair hair. Still white as can be but he get's a nice tan in the summer with out burning. No one can know for sure what a baby will look like when you mix races. They all come out different.
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I was married to a coloured man and I am a white woman.  I have a beautiful daughter, when she was born she had the whitest skin and the darkest hair and eyes.  I don't necessarily agree with other comments you can't say.  My husband was quite dark and my daughter has an olive skin today but makes her look spanish or italian.  Not that it bothers me she is beautiful, I say don't worry.
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