What Color Hair And Eyes Will My Baby Have If I Have Greenish Brown Eyes And Dark Brown Hair And The Father Has Dark Brown Hair And Blue Eyes?


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It depends.. What color eyes do both your parents have?
Since he has blue eyes that means that he has 2 genes for blue eyes (everyone has two genes for each trait, one from each parent... Some are dominant and some are recessive. Blue is recessive). If one of your parents has blue eyes, then there is a chance that you have 1 gene for blue eyes and 1 gene for greenish brown (hazel) eyes, hazel being dominant over blue and hence your eyes are expressed as hazel. But if your parents have green eyes or brown eyes or hazel eyes, then it's most likely your child will have green/brown eyes.

Unless there is a hidden 'red head' gene or 'blonde gene (both are recessive to brown hair which is dominant) which hasn't shown up since a grand parent or great grandparent or simply just a parent, I'd say your child will have dark hair.
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I have blue eyes and my dad has blue eyes and my mom has hazel brown,my dad had red hair and my mom had brown hair and I turned to have blonde hair when I was young,now I have brown,and blue eyes.you do the math
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The eyes I can't help with but odds are the baby will have dark hair like the parents
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The baby will either have dark hair, or dirty blonde and the eyes will probably be greenish blue

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