What Are The Common Types Of Hernia In Children?


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A hernia is a protrusion of an organ from the cavity in which it is normally contained. There are 2 types that are common in children are as follows:

Umbilical Hernia
Umbilical hernia is a very common condition in children. It is entirely harmless, although it is unsightly, but may cause parents much worry and may be thought by them to be the cause of cause of such disturbance as wind and colic. The defect consists of a small, oval – shaped weakness in the linea alba, through which a loop of gut protrudes, and in the majority of cases it disappears spontaneously during the first 3 or 4 years of life. Small umbilical hernias rarely call for treatment is given. This is the simple repair of the hernia and can be done as a minor operation as an outpatient or as a day care. Trusses, adhesive strapping and elastic bandages are useless.

Inguinal Hernia
Inguinal hernia occur due to a developmental weakness in the abdominal wall and are usually first seen when the child cries, strains at stool, or coughs (particularly during the paroxysms of whooping cough). A small lump appears just lateral to and above the crest of the pubic bone. Occasionally this lump spreads down into the scrotum. It usually disappears when the child is at rest, or if he is held with shoulder and head lower then the rest of the body.

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