Does Uric Acid Smell In Your Urine?


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Phil Newton answered

Yes, you can experience a smell due to uric acid in your urine.  In fact, any changes in the content of your urine can alter its smell.  If you believe you have high uric acid levels, you should consult a medical professional for further advice.

What is uric acid?

Uric acid is a chemical that's produced naturally within the body, but sometimes the levels of uric acid can become too high.  This can lead to issues such as gout, kidney stones, and other medical problems. 

What causes high levels of uric acid?

High levels of uric acid can be produced due to a number of things, including certain types of medicines, treatments for cancer, and more commonly, over-eating a particular type of food.

What should you do if you have high levels of uric acid?

If you believe you've got high levels of uric acid in your system you should speak to your doctor.  You'll likely have to go for a test to check your levels, and then will be prescribed medication to reduce the levels.

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