How Can I Cure Folliculitis? I Have Been To Five Different Doctors And None Of Them Have Been Able To Help Me At All.


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It may depend on where the folliculitis is located. I had it after the birth of my 3rd child and thought it was related to breast feeding. The doctor prescribed medicines, none of which helped. I had it in my arm pits. The only thing that helped was keeping it dry (talcum powder) and not shaving for a few weeks. I wore no deodorant either. It was not fun but time was the only thing that cured it.
Where is yours located?
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I have it all over my legs mostly, but here and there on my arms, hands, a few on my chest and back. the worst area would be my legs. I'm only 24 and it just appeared in November. I have not done anything different. I will try the powder though. Thanks.
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Don't use baby powder as it is comedogenic and will block your pores causing further infections. Use non-comedogenic anti-bacterial wash and don't use any heavy body lotions. Try not to shave the area for a while. Also, make sure you change your bed sheets reguarly.  Hope this helps.
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I also visited five doctors, and they were of no help. One of them even said "it is psychogenic." So now I am taking antibiotics Augmentin, which I hope to help, as I suspect to have MRSA!!

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