Still have a sprained foot. Been wrapping it. It seems to be not helping at all! It has been at least four weeks I've done this .What other way can I do to get this to heal?


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Stay off of it.....being impossible, use a set of crutches so you don't put pressure on your foot. You may need to see a podiatrist, they may give you a walking boot that may help you.

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Mark J. Hammond
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Plus i cannot stay off of it long enough .work two jobs total about 60 hrs a week. I do a lot of walking in my work. I don't have much time to ice it either!
Lard Ass
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Maybe your chiro can give you a walking boot? Call and ask, that way you don't get charged!
Mark J. Hammond
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They told me I don't need a walking boot .Bone is completely healed. I cannot afford another visit. They wanted to do an mri and therapy ,I cannot afford either of these.
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Hey thanks you guys, appreciate the information you gave me. I found out why I was in so much pain. I have a fracture in my metatarsal bone in my foot. They put me in a boot

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Four weeks?  Perhaps it's time to see a real doctor.

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