Does Nitric Oxide Increase Your Penis Size?


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Nitric oxide (also known as nitrogen monoxide) can have an effect on the size of your blood vessels - so, in theory, might also have some impact on the size of your penis.

However, any size-increase would be negligible, and short-lived.

Can nitric oxide really increase my penis size? If you're looking for a miracle cure to increase the size of your member, nitric oxide is not the answer.

The day someone discovers a penis-enlargement product that actually works, large companies will jump all over it. Basically - if it really existed - GlaxoSmithKline or a similar pharmaceutical company would make sure you knew about it!

The theory behind the nitric oxide myth is pretty simple. The compound is involved in the expansion of blood vessels when it is released by nerve endings. It encourages blood flow, which is the primary reason a man's penis can remain erect.

Some genius decided to jump on this fact, and began suggesting that taking in more nitric oxide would mean bigger blood vessels, therefor a bigger penis. Unfortunately, the body doesn't work like this.

Whilst a certain amount of nitric oxide might encourage slightly-larger blood vessels, the impact on penis size wouldn't even be noticeable.
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L-Arginine is causing Nitric Oxide. And "IF" you use L-Arginine with
L-Glutamin and L-Ornithine and take some multivitamins, yes, your penis
size could grow up. But you should think positive about this too...

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Yes. But not by much. I took it, and it gave me a huge boner. But after you stop, it will never be the same again, and while taking it you will feel extremely fatigued and antsy.

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