Does Testosterone Shots Make Your Penis Larger?


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No, testosterone is a natural steroid hormone the male body produces. Testosterone is secreted in the testes in small amounts as a stimulus. It is also the principal male sex hormone. Testosterone does work in the development of reproductive tissue such as the testes and prostate as well as help with the development of muscle, bone mass, and hair on the body. This is when the body is in the development stage. An adult will not find a testosterone shot improves the size of the penis.
There are also other factors that have to do with size such as genetics and if there are any developmental issues of the body as a whole. Men that do not produce enough testosterone can have some softer features, less body hair, and even smaller muscles.
Doctors may prescribe testosterone shots in males to help with the development of muscles, body hair and male characteristics. An adult male body will produce 10 times more testosterone than a woman's body. A woman's body also creates testosterone. Females tend to be more sensitive to the production of testosterone.
Testosterone can also be responsible for increased libido in males. Low testosterone levels can mean an issue with sexual desire. This is generally another reason why a doctor might prescribe shots for males. Testosterone is needed for normal sperm development and helps regulate mental and physical energy.
Despite testosterone being used in developmental stages to help the testes and prostate form it does not delineate size. A man will be the size they are meant to be based on the hormones, genetics and other body development that occurs. Anyone wishing to take shots of testosterone needs to consult a physician prior to taking anything as it could have adverse effects that you may not want.
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Good testosterone -- administered by a doctor -- will not shrink your penis.  
Yes, you should have a gain in libido, erection strength, muscle mass production and metabolism; and, it will not cause baldness, actually, lack of testosterone may be the reason one is bald in the first place - your hair should grow fuller and more quickly.

But, as to growing the penis:  I am not certain... I guess it would depend on how your individual body adapts to the increased blood flow from stronger erections...  
***making sure you eat a healthier diet - consisting of foods that boost nitric oxide and help in the productions of dhea, combined with gentle stretching (stimulative masterbation technique) and oils/good lotion to keep the penis' elasticity at a high  should help you gain an inch or so - considering that you have elevated testosterone...
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I forgot to add ^^^  it would normally actually increase your testes in size - by a measureable amount!!!   the increase of testosterone will mostly usually cause your testes to becomes healthier and produce more semen, and the increase in semen production will in turn cause your testes to become bigger to more easily produce and store the semen, and in turn, usually stimulate even more testosterone to be made (by the body (naturally) ).
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It will if your taking a large dosage, and are of a young enough age that you still are potentially growing. It will make your testicles smaller because of the external supply of hormone your body no longer will be using them. You probably shouldn't be taking steroids if your still young enough for it to make a difference.
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Testosterone will give you harder erections. It will not "shrink your penis" Your testes will shrink with long term use of Testosterone. It will not make you angry. But if your already an ass it WILL make you a bigger ass. I have never experienced roid rage as they call it. Just use the proper amount and stay under a competent doctors care.
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NO. It doesn't make your dick bigger. It will, however, make your balls shrink. Over time it will cause ball cancer too.

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I wouldn't do anything black-market like if I were you. You should talk to a doctor about enlargement if you find it that necessary. Hormone levels regulate many things throughout the body, not just the size of your dick.
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Well yes it can hormones are the important part for playing the big role in having a penis lol but seriously hormones do give the penis to were the size is going. Hope I helped
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How much have your testosterone shots increased your testosterone?  And what's the percentage of your  free testosterone from your total testosterone?
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I have been on testosterone shots 2 times a month and I don't really notice any big difference. I have been having this administered for about a year.

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