What Is Pre-op For Hydrodistention?


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Hydrodistention is defined as an ailment that affects the urinary bladder in the human body. It is characterised by the stretching of the urinary bladder with water. When a patient is considering going in for an operation or a surgery to cure hydrodistention, he must follow the pre-op (which is the short form of pre-operation) instructions carefully. These are also known as pre-surgical instructions. As the name suggests, a pre-op or a pre-surgical literally means something that will take place prior to the surgery (that is before the operation).

The pre-op instructions which are given by the staff at the clinic will tell the patient the day, date, time and venue of the patient's surgery or operation, what medications the patient should continue to take, what medications the patient should discontinue, what the patient should do two days before his or her surgery, one day before his or her surgery, on the night before his or her surgery, etc.

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