How Do You Use A Bedpan?


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A bedpan is a tool used for urinating and to have bowel movement. It used by those individuals who are not able to walk to the bathroom or toilet.

In order to use a bedpan, the person who is going to use it should be provided with the following items like towel, tissue paper, warm water and some other essential items. After running the bedpan with warm water, dry it. Put it under the person to use it appropriately. If there is a metal bedpan, make sure it is not hot due to running of warm water. To make it slide under the person make use of baby power on the sides of the bedpan.

There are many other things you have to take care about for persons who cannot raise their buttocks, cleaning the person after making use of the bedpan. In order to understand more about bedpans, visit the following link:

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