What Are The Effects Or Crack Cocaine?


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Short term - makes you feel  really awake , forget about eating , very confident and you try to do things that are totally stupid- I jumped out of a 2 story high  window  I didnt break anything though- your heart beats a lot faster . The next day you feel like youve got the flu.  
longterm-  you can die from overdoses if you think you arent getting enough so you take more if you take loads you can have seizures or heart failure,heart attack .
If you use a lot you feel depressed ,panic attacks and paranoia, you don't want to have sex!!!!
If you share needles you can get HIV, hepatitis and other virus infections
injecting causes vein damage, bruises, ulcers under skin  
if you pregnant you can miscarriage, premature labour, babies can have a low birth weight
if you smoke crack a lot you have breathing problems, pains in chest, lung damage -smokin anything damages them-.
You can end up addicted to heroin when trying to make cravings go away -thats what I did although I got over the heroin but now I'm back where I started which is crap.
haha I know all this yet I keep taking it. Why? I want to have a good time why else?!
Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
The short term effects of crack cocaine can be felt upon users initial hit of crack. They begin to feel the effects of crack cocaine immediately; they experience an increase in energy, temperature, mental alertness, heart rate, constricted blood vessels, as well as a decrease in appetite. These temporary effects of crack cocaine are as short lived as the users high. Because crack cocaine is smoked causing it to travel through the blood up to the brain much faster than cocaine which is snorted, the user experiences these short term effects more intensely. The duration and intensity of these short term effects of crack cocaine are based on the amount of crack cocaine that is used.

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