What Can I Do To Be A More Effective Person In My Work And Personal Life?


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This answer is best support by a selection of dos and donts:


Get into good habits, this can require a lot of repetition to develop habituation, but habituation is the best way to achieve results consistently. Make winning, make productivity a great habit.
Make sitting at your desk and working through til lunch before you do anything else your earnest habit.

Learn to delegate, you don't need to do everything, you know!

Take adequate lunch and dinner breaks, to keep the effective person's body full functioning

Take on water, but try to avoid stimulants unless you really need to pull all nighters. Remember, an effective person shouldn't need to pull an all-nighters because they are so effective, their work is prepared for, planned, and executed well.


Be put off when things do wrong. You need to see each negative as a positive challenge. Almost all situations can be saved by seeing the positive in a negative situation.

Don't let your bad habits creep back in.

Don't only work on the stuff you get excited about, do the boring stuff first! Get it out of the way!

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