Is It Possible For Vinegar To Be Sterilizing Agent In An Emergency Depending On The Emergency?


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Julii Brainard answered
In an emergency, yes. Some estimates are that 80-90% of most bacteria will be killed by a good soaking in pure white distilled vinegar.

It's not good enough in most situations for something like surgical instruments. Of course, if it's a true emergency, vinegar would be better than nothing. A really good surgical instrument sterilizer would need to zap virtually 100% of the microbes.

For stuff like household cleaning, vinegar is argued by many to be quite adequate. Can be used instead of bleach for disinfecting kitchen surfaces, toilets, laundry, etc. A nice aspect of vinegar is that it breaks down relatively quickly and is, again, (relatively) benign to the environment.

Vinegar rinsing has been suggested as a good way of cleaning fish tanks, for instance. Also useful for pet cages, kitchen sponges, and sterilising food jars prior to canning or long term storage. Vinegar can be good for removing grease, lime scale, mold and mildew.
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Deborah Norton answered
I have not tried this myself,however my mother in law has tried.
A tablespoon of vinegar each day for up to four months and her heart burn, stomach problems went away. They haven't returned. She mixed it in O.J. to cover the taste.
I take a prescription that cost a lot of money and I'm about to try this remedy myself. I have put a bowl of vinegar in places that I thought may be harbouring bacteria. Since I've stopped I've noticed more.
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Cheryl King answered
I know you can use vinegar to clean fruit and veggies. In an emergency, I think using vinegar would be alright. It's better than nothing!

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