Why Is The Temperature Of The Body Checked When The Person Is Sick?


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The temperature of the human body is a pure indication of the physical condition of a person. By measuring the temperature, one can determine the condition of the body. The normal temperature of a human body is usually given as 36.9 Celsius degrees while in terms of the Fahrenheit measure it is 98.4 degrees. But the body temperature does not stay the same throughout the day. For example, after a large and wholesome meal, the body temperature rises. The same happens when you go through a routine of rigorous exercise or endure hot weather. However the scale on which the body temperature varies, on a normal and general basis, ranges from 36.9 degrees to somewhere around 37.5 degrees. If the temperature of the body crosses this very range, then the body is said to be undergoing an abnormal condition. Unusually high or unusually low body temperatures signify the presence of sickness and the constant check on body temperature is a way to check the changes in one's physical condition.
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The check the them because it shows if they are losing heat and so if they are they can get it back and help them in any way they can I think lol

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