How Much Do You Have To Weigh To Break A Tanning Bed?


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I weigh 310 and it has never been a problem, I own my own bed
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It's not possible to give a definitive answer. Because the weight limit will be determined by the bed manufacturer; there will be guide-line info about this in the technical manual that came with the bed.

So the owners of the tanning salon should be able to look it up. If a weighty person is too proud to ask then I suppose they could chance it. It's either that or just lose the pride and ask.

Typical weight limits for tanning beds I can find for sale on the Internet are suggesting about 260-300 lbs. Some go up to 400 lbs. If I owned a tanning salon I imagine that I would get a good quality one, though, that could take the biggest people possible. So the limits in a professional salon may well usually be more towards 400 lbs than 250 lbs.

Better yet, I'd ask if they have a "tanning booth" -- instead of a lie-down bed. That would accommodate most super-size people.
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Or a 100 pound person who flips in a bed puts too much pressure on a certain spot...acrylic breaks.

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