Is Methadone an Opiate?


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Methadone is a synthetic opiate or "manmade" opiate, meaning that it produces a similar feeling as real opiates, the only difference is that this drug is made in a lab. Because of this if you are given a drug test (basic 5 panel), with opiates being one of the panels, methadone will not show up on the 5 panel drug test. So if you are taking methadone only, you will pass  a 5 panel drug test, coming up negative for everything on a 5 panel drug test. Any other pills that are considered opiates, vicodin, percocet, oxycontin, tylenol 3's are all real opiates, meaning when you take them, you are actually taking and ingesting a small trace amount of actual opium poppy plants sap, that is grown overseas in like afganistan. So when you take a vicodin here in the united states, you are actually eating a piece of afganistan, fueling the war in a way, financially helping the enemy. So is mathadone an opiate? Technically NO, not a real opiate, yet it produces the same feeling, making it a synthetic, or manmade opiate, when you take methadone, you are not eating a piece of afganistan. As opposed to real, natural opiates like vicodin, that are actually grown, and farmed in afganistan, so again you are actually eating a trace amount of opium poppy sap from afganistan. Think about that next time you get some teeth pulled and have to take some lortabs or vicodins, before you take them think " Do I really want to eat this chemical from afganistan, who is at war with us?"
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I can't believe the answers people give and act like it's good info... I guess they probably think it is and haven't taken the time to check sources and quality publications. Methadone is not an opiate. It's even non narcotic (narcotic specifically means opiate and often even officers get this wrong and call marijuana and such narcotics). It has nothing to do with synthetic or poppy plants. The classification of drugs that Methadone resides in is shared with ketamine and dextromethorphan. It is a dissociative drug.

It also called dolophine and some MISTAKENLY think it is tied to Hitler but was not at all except through similar name.

Now I'm not just some jack*ss talking crap and I'm not just a blurtit user but a methadone user. No I'm not a recovering heroin user. I had a back surgery recently and an ongoing degenerative spinal disorder. I switched to methadone 7 months ago because I had a gap in insurance and methadone is pennys to the dollar compared to oxys and morphine.  I ended up staying on it since I liked it way more. I like it because I don't like it....wait...what I mean is you don 't get doped up on it like the opiates. No nodding off and dreaming while awake and 'feeling good'. This may seem counter intuitive until you try being on this all the time and try to be a respectable person. There's also the added benefit of ducking the a dreaded condition of chronic opiate users in which the person becomes immune to the effects of opiates. The biggest and scariest down side is that if I quite cold turkey (say there was a natural disaster and I couldn't get them or something) I would not just withdraw for a few days or a week. On methadone you withdraw for 2 to 3 months with bad pains, hallucinations and basketball diaries like symptoms.
don't ever ever ever take methadone for fun. You shouldn't take any drugs that aren't prescribed to you but you really shouldn't take methadone.
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Methadone is an synthetic opiate first synthesized in the 40's by German chemists as a substitute for failing Morphine supplies.  Technically it is an opioid, synthetic, and is never made from actual opium.

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