What Will Happen If You Snort Norco?


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You will get very high
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What lame answers!!!
I assume you've taken Norco orally?  Well, it does tend to "hit" you a bit faster, but it won't make got batshiat, like others are implying.
Some of it will get caught in the moist nasal membrane, so there's that.  But it won't do anything swallowing one won't do.
Trust me on this one.
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Well you can snort any pill. But why abuse it unless your trying to get high. I know people who have snorted them and there nose burned for awhile.
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You know what happens? Yes you end up very high and in ICU with an extremely high heart rate and not knowing what year it is, or even who your mother is. You try texting on the heart monitor because you are that far from reality and if you are lucky you live to see another day. You break your mothers heart. You cause permanent memory loss that is what happens when you snort norco.

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