Can Virgin Coconut Oil Cure Eczema?


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Yes virgin coconut oil can help in curing eczema.I have been using MeritVCO extra virgin coconut oil it really works.Please go through article taken form / www.meritvco.comMer extra virgin coconut oil for internal and external uses www.excelcombine.comWith all the health, nutritional, and beauty benefits that you get from Virgin coconut oil, there is no doubt why this has been hailed as the miracle oil.  It is said to prevent and cure many sicknesses that are almost impossible to heal.  Being a healthy oil, it could help decrease viral load of HIV patients, could improve insulin production and thyroid function, it could reduce the risk of diabetes complications, and could even fight heart disease which is the leading cause of death. Virgin coconut oil improves the performance of the digestive system that can make a person lose weightIn addition, Virgin coconut oil may also solve skin problems like acne, pimples, black heads, eczema, psoriasis, or as simple as dry skin. To learn more about the Virgin coconut oil benefits, read on the article: Benefits of Virgin coconut oil for external health  1.    Virgin coconut oil and acne or pimples Acne is common during the stage of adolescence due to some hormonal changes experienced in puberty.  One of these hormonal changes is the abnormally excessive secretion of oil (sebum) by the sebaceous glands.  When bacteria mix up with sebum, then there is acne eruption.Virgin coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that boost the metabolic process in the body.  Ingesting Virgin coconut oil can improve metabolism that enhances cell and hormonal functions. As a result of better digestion, there is regulated excretion of oil by the sebaceous glands. Putting coco oil on your face also melts bacteria clogged up in the pores. 2.    For dry scalp Healthy scalp would mean healthy hair.  Lauric acid converted into monolaurin is one of the antimicrobial properties of Virgin coconut oil.  This acid is also found as ingredient in soaps and shampoo. By applying coco oil, your scalp is kept moisturized and protected from fungi that cause dandruff. 3.    Virgin coconut oil for hair Healthier and shinier hair is also one of the Virgin coconut oil benefits.  To keep your hair from being dry and unmanageable, spread an ample amount of coco oil from the roots to the tip of damp hair.  Do not put too much or your hair might get greasy. 4.    For skinMany people experience dry skin.  Untreated dry skin can cause premature wrinkling and ageing in the long run. A solution to this is applying virgin Virgin coconut oil as alternative to your other body lotions.  The usual lotion that you use primarily contains water that easily evaporates, thus, drying your skin.  Virgin coconut oil prolongs the moisture on your skin making it smooth and soft the whole day.  To add to that, Virgin coconut oil also strengthens by holding your skin tissues together and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  The antiseptic composition of Virgin coconut oil kills fungi and yeast that cause athlete’s foot, diaper rash, and candidiasis Eczema Virgin coconut oil cure can also be true to eczema. Eczema, an inflammation of the epidermis, is caused by hereditary factors, allergens like dust, pets, or plant pollens, and irritants like smoke or solvents.  As a result, a person experiences itching, flaking, dryness, or even bleeding of the skin. Moisturizers are very important treatment for eczema and Virgin coconut oil is best for lasting moisture for the skin.  This same effect of coco oil also treats psoriasis. Benefits of Virgin coconut oil for internal/systemic health Maintaining a Virgin coconut oil diet is beneficial for your internal body system. Virgin coconut oil diet is done by changing your usual cooking oil with refined Virgin coconut oil and taking three to three and a half tablespoons of virgin Virgin coconut oil as supplement everyday. The medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in Virgin coconut oil greatly contributes in boosting the digestive system that improve the performance of cells and hormonal secretion of glands.  Also, Virgin coconut oil contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid, and butyric acid that are helpful in fighting infections, yeast growth, and killing disease-causing bacteria.   In effect are the following Virgin coconut oil health benefits: 1.    Virgin coconut oil and thyroid Hypothyroidism is a state when the thyroid glands are not producing sufficient thyroid hormones.  Virgin coconut oil plays a major role in improving thyroid function. 2.    Virgin coconut oil and diabetes Diabetes is a syndrome of a metabolism disorder resulting to high blood sugar levels in the body.  Insulin is a hormone that assists the blood sugar to enter the cell and be converted as heat and energy.  There is better production of insulin with the help of MCFAs present in coco oil. 3.    For heart disease Common fats are not easily absorbed by the cells as nutrients.  Instead they are stored as body fat until they get clogged in the arteries and blood vessels.  This clogging disrupts blood circulation and leads to heart ailments. MCFAs in Virgin coconut oil, being more soluble, are easily converted into nutrients in the metabolic process. So, if you use Virgin coconut oil, you would lessen the fear the risk of heart disease. 4.    Weight Loss The medium chain fatty acids also aid in the calorie-burning activity when your system is digesting food.  This means you can lose weight in using or ingesting Virgin coconut oil. Note: Since Virgin coconut oil enhances the digestive system, it is advised that taking and using Virgin coconut oil is done gradually to give the system time to adjust.  Ingesting big amounts of Virgin coconut oil immediately may cause diarrhea, so small amounts at a time will do until you are ready for a regular dosage. 5.    Virgin coconut oil and candida Candidiasis happens when Candida species grow uncontrollably in the small intestine, vaginal canal, or the mouth until it affects many parts of the body including the intestinal tract. These fungi can grow in years causing inflammations and discomforts in humans like respiratory infection, painful urination, chronic rashes, oral yeast infection, vaginal discharge, impotency, among many others. MCFAs in Virgin coconut oil have antifungal properties (like lauric acid) killing bad bacteria, fungi, and yeast like Candida. 6.    For Bones and teeth (and osteoporosis) Since MCFAs present in Virgin coconut oil facilitate better absorption of nutrients from the food to the body, thus, there is also faster absorption of calcium for the teeth and bones. Because of calcium absorption, coco oil helps prevent osteoporosis – a disease of bone that can cause fractures. 7.    For Cancer Other than lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids, Virgin coconut oil also contains butyric acid which is said to be an anti-cancer agent. 8.    HIV, AIDS, and the Immune System Virgin coconut oil can also benefit the HIV and AIDS patients. A nutritionist and Virgin coconut oil advocate Dr. Bruce Fife, once shared about a story of an HIV patient.  This man stayed in a rural place where he maintained a coconut diet and an organic lifestyle. His viral count decreased and he became more energetic. The first clinical study about Virgin coconut oil being effective treatment for HIV was reported by a Filipino pharmacology professor, Dr. Conrado Dayrit.  This study has confirmed that coco oil can reduce the viral load of an HIV patient.  There are actually antiviral drugs used to fight HIV but they give a lot of bad side effects like vomiting, hemorrhaging, fatigue, and altered mental function. Virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, does not give these side effects to patients. More so, the lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid boost the immune system. As such, Virgin coconut oil helps in dealing with virus and bacteria that may cause herpes, influenza, and cytomegalovirus. 9.    For Stress The soothing effect of Virgin coconut oil releases stress. Applying Virgin coconut oil on your head is helpful in eliminating mental fatigue. The good fatty acids are key components that make coco oil beneficial to your health, nutrition, and beauty.  Now that you know these facts, buy Virgin coconut oil and use it to gain all the Virgin coconut oil benefits.
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Coconut is generally good for the skin..hence they use it so much in sun lotion and shampoo for sensitive skin. It would most likely help relieve itching and such but as for a cure I couldnt say to be honest. Use aloe vera gel..its very good for the skin and can aid th healing process of dermatological problems

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