Does Coconut Make You Gain Weight?


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I am 67years old.  Can coconut help to gain weight
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Coconut is pretty calorically dense for a fruit...100 grams of it is 350 calories.

So in that sense, you could more easily over-eat it if you're not careful.

What you need to understand though is that the coconut in and of itself won't make you gain weight, it's just that certain foods contain more calories per 100 grams then others.

For instance, you could have 1 pound of pizza for 1,200 calories, or 1 pound of broccoli for 154 calories.

It's not that the pizza makes you fat, but if you're not counting your calories, you can more readily overeat the pizza and add on unwanted weight.

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Coconut has large amount of fat but dont worry about that try to take ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

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Scientists from StudyDaddy recently described the value of coconut.

Coconut contains coconut pulp and liquid. About its benefits, not all have the right idea, since it is a tropical fruit, not popular on domestic shelves. According to American scientists, the composition of the product is very close to the composition of human blood. In the water of coconut contains many useful substances and minerals, which are so necessary for the human body.

Contents of coconut - two layers and liquid. Externally, there is a layer of shell - exocarp. It differs in strength and not so easily under mechanical influence. Inside - copra or endocarp. It is an edible flesh. On this part there are 3 spots, because of which the fruit was called coconut. Endosperm called coconut fluid, which will sing along with the fetus. This coconut water turns into milk. When the fruit becomes fully mature, the milk hardens and thickens.

100 g of coconut pulp contains:

3.33 g of proteins;

33.50 fats;

6.25 carbohydrates;

9 g of dietary fiber;

47 g of water;

0.98 g of ash;

6.25 g of dis- and monosaccharides;

29.7 g of saturated fatty acids.

They note the high caloric content of coconut - per 100 g, 353 kcal. If the coconut is dry, then the calorific value increases to 592 kcal for the same weight of the product. Coconut water has a caloric content of 16.7 kcal per 100 g.

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