I Took 30 Kalms Today How Is This Going To Effect Me? It Has Herbal Ingredients So I Don't Know If This Amount Can Damage Me, I Attempted An Overdose Please Don't Judge Me


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Best to do a carbon detox and drink plenty of water. Believe it or not, if you burn some toast and scrape off the black into a glass of water, this will help flush out the system. Do this repeatedly, several toast per 8 oz of water. In the future, even if herbal, check with pharmacist. Many people are already suffering from vitamin overdose, due to taking too many. If you begin to feel it, as in dizzy, upset stomach you may want to contact you local poison control. This number can be found at beginning of phone book or just google for the number. Once again, in the future, always check with pharmacist to make sure you don't overdose
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Poor you, sounds like you are suffering deep depression and if this is a cry for help, then it may go wrong and your family and Friends will miss you dearly. I used to be bulimic but I overcame it through seeing an eating disorder councillor and sheer will power.

I have overdosed too on kalms but they made me more nervous for some reason!

Hope you are reading this who ever you are and no one judges you and you can get the strength from within to beat this x
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I've taken 30 today and I'm just dizzy and feel sick, but I don't think it has a devastating effect

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