How Do I Gain Some Weight On My Arms, Legs, And Bottom?


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There is a contrast that exists in this world; some people want to lose weight and some want to gain it. But there are a lot of tools that exist in this world that can give you the required weight that you want.

The one theory that is most popular and people use it quite often is the intake of bananas. What you have to do is to take some milk in a bowl and mash some bananas in it. After you mash the bananas put some sugar into it and then you can have the food. It will certainly help you in gaining some weight around the areas that you have mentioned.

But before going for the weight-gaining program one thing you must take care of is the selection of the program. Many people claim that this method can work and that method can work, but the most authentic advice is provided by your doctor. So before going for any program you must consult your doctor as the result among individuals may vary even for one particular program.

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