What Is A Wound? Discuss Its Types.


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A wound is suffered when there is a break in the skin or in the body tissue causing blood loss.
The different types of wounds are as follows-

Closed wound-in such cases blood escapes the circulatory system but remains in the body; this is visible in the form of bruises.

Open wounds- blood escapes the body and there is visible bleeding.

Grazes –the superficial layers of the skin are damage leaving a very raw and tender area. Sometimes a little oozing of blood does occur. Inadequately cleansing can result in gravel rash.

Incised wound- these are caused by razors or other sharp objects such as knifes or cutters. Bleeding in such cases can be profuse so immediate action should e taken

Lacerated wounds- they are usually caused by barbed wires or other rough edged articles. They are torn and rough edged wounds and they bleed less as compared to incised wounds.

Puncture wounds- are usually caused by nails and pins etc. infection in them is common because frequently dirt is taken into the depth of the wound.

Confused wounds- are usually caused by a fall or being hit by a blunt object. Can be a purely closed wound or mixed closed and open wound. There is always a possibility of an underlying fracture in such cases.

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