What Heals A Wound? Covering It Or Leaving It Opened?


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Since the wrist wound is still draining just keep it covered for now but continue to clean it everyday and put new bandage and some topical skin antibiotic just so it won't get infected. If after sometime it stopped draining then opening it would be good to get some air and make healing faster. But be careful if you see some signs of infection on that wound like hasn't been healing for a over a week already with some pus coming out and smelling bad then you better see your doctor.
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I think wound should be uncovered. However, if there is great flow of blood then it should be covered. Otherwise, the wound can be initially cleaned with antiseptics and then be kept open so that it heals faster. I have seen that when wounds are covered, it causes infection most of the time. But it is better to cover wound when one is out of the house, is that it does not contaminate with dust and dirt which may also lead to infection. In your case, since it seems that it has already developed infection as you covered it initially, I guess this method wont work anymore and so I would suggest you to go and see a doc so that it doesn't become dangerous. These are not little matters to ignore. Infection is dangerous, so better consult a doc if the condition of your wound is deteriorating.
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Wounds are covered usually to protect from germs entering in it because open wounds forms as bridge for germs to enter in our bodies.
But then even in my case so many wounds have healed by not covering them, but sometimes I NEED TO COVER THEM SO THAT THEY WONT HURT.
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Ya you are right,leaving it opened increases the chance of hitting again.When I was asleep,my nail scratched it and there was a severe pain which awoke me and then it started bleeding a lot and thus I again had to wait for it to heal so that i may go for playing.
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When you injure yourself like this , the best thing is to rinse it off with tap water. Then let it heal on it's own. No other treatment is needed as long as the wound is fairly clean. I know that the medical powers that be recently studied whether tap water or normal saline would be a better cleansing vehicle and actually they found out tap water was the best!Of course if you develop signs of infection like redness, a fever or pain at the wound site then it's time to call your doctor or PCP. As always make sure you have had a tetanus vaccination within the last 5 years.David L Olson, M.D.
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By covering the wound it will sweat more and cause infection later then it will take so long to heal there is possibility of scaring the faster it heals the better so leave it open at every opportunity you have it will heal very fast this way
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The human body is an amazing thing. It is designed to heal itself in such cases as yours.
I would suggest you keep the wound clean and leave it open so that it will form a scab, which will protect it from germs.
I would not recommend that you use peroxide on the wound because it has been determined to kill off the white blood cells which rush to the wound to help regenerate and heal the skin.
Plain soap and water are sufficient to use until the scab forms.
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"Human body" is a "Superhero"
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Keep the wound clean dry and covered. Use an antibacterial ointment on the wound to help speed healing. It would be ok to let the wound air out awhile each day, but keep it clean and dry, and cover it if you go out or go to bed.
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Everyone is different...it's how your system works. I never cover a wound...I clean it well, let it dry and in a few days it's nearly gone.  I recently got a severe steam burn on my wrist while cooking...I immediately put an ice cube on it then put real butter on it. Then I soaked a sewing needle in alcohol and peroxide and poked it and let it drain.  within a week except for the pink new skin it was gone...can't even see it  2 weeks later...I would say keep it clean, don't cover, and keep it dry...cover only when you shower.   let it have air and stay away from putting iodine, peroxide, ect.  let your body heal it.
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Covering it and putting a healing aid on it, like neal sporin. You should always leave open wounds covered to keep the risk of infection low.

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