How Do You Tell If You Broke Your Finger?


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I think that whole "sharp thing trying to stick through the skin" is a pretty good indication it's broken!
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Guest answered as I would have. If it hurts like heck and you can't move it...ot it hurts way too much to move it, its likely broken. If you suspect that it is broken, go to Urgent Care (costs less then an ER) or if you don't an an Urgent Care, then definately an ER to be sure it does or doesn't need to be set...then they can give you a splint and something for the pain if you need it.

Keep us posted!!

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You wont be able to move it and it wouldnt be straight it would be a little crooked
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Well mainly you should get an x ray . If your finger has been broken bad you may need surgery to repair it or to help it heel correctly. There are many different treatment options. It may sound silly but breaking your finger and not taking care of it could lead into running your whole hand because nothing will be lined up. That could leave to many surgery's on your hand and fingers but you can also decline surgery and treatments too.
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No, you didn't break it if you can bend it. If it was run into something, then there is a chance that you might have jammed it or strained it somehow. I suggest you use a couple popcicle sticks, and splint it for a day or two to keep it stable, and you won't re-injure it that way. Hope this helps you out.
Can you move & bend it?  If so, then no...:)
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If you broke it, you woundnt have been able to type this question.
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Wow bud, it would hurt really bad and you wouldn't be able to move it a mm without it hurting
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G'day Jenny,

Thank you for your question.

An X-ray is the best way of telling that a finger is broken.

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Well it will probably hurt a bunch, and would looked bent a weird way.also some people say there finger looks a little blue.
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The only thing you can do is get an x-ray. There is nothing else to do, getting a x-ray of your finger might seen funny but that is the only way to help. If your finger id broken the doctor will most likely tell you to get a split.
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I fell and tried to break my fall. Instead I broke the fall with my hands. My finger is swollen and hutrs very bad.
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If it hurts when you move it, bent, purple or blue, get an x ray and that'll tell you, but its too bad you can't get much for a broken finger or toes
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Can you move it?   If not, call your closest friend and have him step on it with BIG boots.
If that doesn't work, then go to ER.  (maybe you really should go before the BIG boot treatment).
Then, you gota come back and tell us how you broke your finger.
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You can tell if it is really swollen and if you can't move it at all I would wait for 24 hours and if its the same way go directly to the hospital. Hope it's not broken good luck.
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You go ge an x-ray or put gauze pad on it for  a week that is what I did and I feels much better.
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You go ge an x-ray or put gauze pad on it for  a week that is what I did and I feels much better.

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