What Is A Three Finger Exercise?


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There are very many 'three finger exercises' which can be used for a variety of reasons.  The usual association with a 3 finger exercise is with golf, since it can dramatically improve a golfer's swing.  It helps the fingers to get used to the actions required for a good shot.
However, there are other three finger exercises which are used.  Some of these relate to musical instruments and getting th efingers used to playing difficult notes.  The student is then given exercises, to practice, so that it is easier to play the music he is learning.
Occupational Health Physicians or physiotherapists will also sometimes prescribe 3 finger exercises for patients to use.  This may be to encourage healing after an accident or as a means of controlling any repetitive strain injury whch is causing problems for the patient in the workplace.  Finger exercises can also be helpful in building up manual dexterity, particularly after strokes or other traumas.  

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