Will A Female Nurse Help Me With Sperm Sample?


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Generally they will not. Nurses are professional healthcare assistants and it would be a breach of ethics and behavioral standards to aid a sperm donor with masturbation. A sperm donation clinic will have a nurse show you to the private room and point you in the direction of some stimulatory material, but there will be no physical assistance.

  • What is a sperm sample?
A sperm sample is a sample of male ejaculate collected in a jar, tub or pot of some sort - usually a small plastic beaker with measuring marks along the side. It is given to test the quality of the sperm in terms of its ability to impregnate.

  • How do I become a sperm donor?
In some cases there are clinics that you can just walk in to and offer to donate sperm. A quick medical is performed to check for abnormalities and STIs; if all is well you can donate - sometimes even for cash.

Generally sperm banks tend to like regular donations over the course of anything from a few months to a year. They also specifically want men aged 18 to 40, who are healthy, drug free and infection free.

There are rules and regulations in terms of gay donations in certain states or countries due to the risk of HIV.

  • What happens to my donation?
Your donation is stored and frozen to preserve it for future usage. The center will have a set limit as to how long it will keep the sample, but technically as long as it's stored properly it will last for decades.

  • Are there any legal obligations after?
In some countries, such as the UK, rules have been brought in allowing those people who are conceived as a result of a donation to find out who the donor was. In most countries there is the option to donate anonymously or not, but this isn't the case in countries like the UK, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland or New Zealand.

  • What if I am unable to produce on demand?
There are often time limits to the duration you can spend in a room. You can ask a clinic nurse for more time, or, if unable, ask for special permission to have your partner assist you. Some clinics do not approve of this and instead ask that you produce at home and instantly bring it in.
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Sure... She will hand you a cup, and a copy of Playboy, and remind you to lock the door, and wash your hands afterwards.

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