Why Do Men's Testicles Shrink In The Winter And Become Longer In Hot Seasons?


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Testicles shrink towards the body when they're exposed to cold temperatures, and drop further away from the body in warmer climates.

This is because the sperm stored in the testes needs to be regulated at a specific temperature.

Why do testicles shrink in winter?
If you've ever seen a guy ice-skating while stark-naked (there was nothing else on TV), then you may have noticed that his scrotum appears a lot closer to his body than normal.

This is because, in cold temperatures, a man's body will try and protect the virility of a man's sperm by regulating the temperature it is stored at.

By shrinking closer to the body, a man's testicles will be warmer - protecting his sperm from the cold.

Why does a man's scrotum drop in hot temperatures?
When a man get's too hot, his scrotum will hang away from the body to try and cool his 'manhood' down.

Now would be the time to include an anecdote about a man I met during my summer holidays in the south of France, but we're all too mature for that, right?
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The sperm needs to be at a particular temperature to be viable. So in the cold, testicles draw up to warm them, and in the heat, they spread out to cool them.

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