If A Pregnant Woman Hits Me Can I Hit Her Back. This Is Woman Against Woman Question?


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Absolutely it is not okay to hit anyone. She should not of hit you but you need to be the one who is strong and don't lower yourself. I am not so sure about your up bringing my father taught my brothers to not use your strength to abuse and hurt but to care and nurture.
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It does not matter if it is woman against woman. You can not hit! What you can do is call the police and let them deal with her. It is not necessary for you to allow her to make you her punching bag simply because she is pregnant. It is no more permissible for her to hit than it is you to hit her. It is against the law for anyone to hit - period.
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Wow. Me being a female would automatically will go against any one hitting a Pregnant Woman/or just a woman. Boy she must have done something really bad to make you feel that way. Can't you focus your anger somewhere elss. Or punch a punching bag till your knuckles are blue to release such anger.
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No do not hit back. Hitting anyone is wrong especially when they have a baby as you could cause damage. You could also be in trouble with the police. Sometimes pregnant women can be hell to live with as their hormones are going up and down.
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Hormones are not an excuse to hit (otherwise the law would allow measurement of them as a defence, right?) Men's hormones are TEN TIMES those of normal-hormone-level women. Thus they carry TEN TIMES as much responsibility to control themselves.
Women can manage the few, occasional times they have to live in the same hormonal-strength world as men, or start respecting what men have to manage to control every DAY of their adult lives. What they can't do is take the piss and have it both ways to suit them (as can't men, either).

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