Can A Woman Lose Her Baby While 3 Weeks Pregnant?


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If you know you are pregnant you can miscarry at 3weeks, it will be a larger amount of blood than usual, but seek medical help for that reason.....the best to you
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Hi! I am 1month pregnant, last week I have a shots of tubeculosis. Is it safe for a pregnant women? Coz i did not tell to the nurse that i am pregnant
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You can miscarry anytime really, By the time you hit 12 weeks, your high risk of loosing the baby is lowered dramatically, And most of the time miscarriages just happen, not by anything you did.
But just eat healthy drink water don't smoke and take prenatal vitamins. I hope for the best :]

No caffiene also reduces miscarriage.
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Yes! That's why it's always recomended to get cheked before geting pregnant and when you get pregnant so you always no by the tests you do and blood works if something it's going wrong!!!!!
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You can miscarry at any point during a pregnancy. I was always told it is most likely to happen during the first trimester, but I am not quite sure about that.

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