What Would Cause A Two Year Old To Develop A Boil?


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Age is not an issue here.
Boils are caused when bacteria enters the skin and settles in a hair follicle then becomes infected. Most often boils are found around the neck area and/or lower regions of the body, sometimes they can be found where there is friction or where somebody has been scratched and the bacteria can enter.
Usually boils are harmless and can be simply treated at a doctors office where the doctor can drain it.
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My friend has a two year old grand-baby who keeps getting boils. He's had one on his buttocks twice, his leg once and one on his wrist. Why does this keep happening?
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My son too(he is 2 1/2 yrs) we've tried everything but they keep coming back. The doctor can't figure it out either. We can get them to go away but in a month an a half later it returns in a diferent spot on the butt, thigh I also noticed on on his wrist but it was small and disappeared in a few days.
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My 2 yrs old daughter keeps getting boils what could this been
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It doesnt matter what age you are it is when bacteria enters the skin

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