What causes labia boils?


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I had a job as a labourer once for a brick layer, I had constant contact with cement dust and other chemicals put in the mixer, the day I dusted off my legs and fell asleep one night was a highly probable cause to the boil I found above my knee over the next few days, I was told that boils can appear for reasons other than hygiene, it could have been my diet or what I've been eating, or diabetes which I didnt don't have so, I would seek advice from a atleast a GP or possibly a nurse who has seen and heard of many cases similar etc.
If you get sick quite often then you most likely have a weak ammune system which can also contribute to boils. I've had (1) boil in my life and I don't intend on having another one they are painful and frustrating to have plus they have to be lanced open at a certain point, you can't just get a siringe and suck the puss out which is rather unfortunate for you. Hope this helps.
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You mean std infection?

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