Can Drinking Bleach Kill You?


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Drinking bleach can indeed kill you. The chemical is corrosive, so could cause serious damage to your digestive tract and respiratory system if consumed.

Whatever reason you might have for considering drinking bleach, I'd strongly recommend you reconsider!

What happens if you drink bleach?
Vomiting and stomach pains are the most obvious risks of ingesting bleach. However, if you drink enough of the chemical, it can do irreparable damage to the lining of your throat, stomach, and digestive tract.

In extreme cases, bleach will cause breathing complications, and it can kill if consumed in a high enough quantity.

Drinking bleach will also cause extreme pain and internal chemical burns, and death from bleach consumption is often attributed to acute cardio-respiratory failure.

As a way to die, drinking bleach certainly sounds like one of the most painful options that anyone could choose. Nevertheless, a large number of people do opt for this exact method by which to commit suicide every year.

Often, those people (who drink bleach to end their lives) are unaware of the prolonged and excruciating nature of bleach intoxication, and of how agonising their death will be.
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Yes drinking bleach can kill you. There are things in it that should not go into the human body.

For example: If you place a penny into a bowl of bleach and let it sit for a while, the bleach will eventually eat through the penny. That's what bleach will do to a human stomach!

It would be horribly painful. Please DO NOT TRY TO DRINK BLEACH.
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Do Not Drink it! Drink a little it will burn your mouth. Drink a lot and you'll die.
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It can screw you up, really bad. Good luck, hun!
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Yes, bleach can be fatal to human heath. The warning is on the container. If swallowed, contact the poison center or go to your nearest emergency center!

The best to you!
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Yes, it can. It'll kill you slowly and painfully, I thought about it. Not very good results or outcomes, don't do it.
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Thought about doing it. I almost drink it but then I though "do some research first". And now well I don't want to consider it anymore. Seems painful.

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