Will Drinking Bleach Water Flush System For An Drug Test?


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I disagree. I am 5'10" 175 and I did it and it worked. I felt a little woozy after drinking it but it worked I passed the drug test. But do not use water. A cap full of bleach with about 10 oz of milk did it for me. Like I said I felt woozy but it worked. I did this as an experiment and maybe its not the same for every1 but I smoked all day one day and then sipped on the glass of milk the next night and then about a day or so after I was completely clean, but I must insist only to try at your own risk and to drink a lot of water after you do it and to continue to drink a lot of water for about a week after  doing this.  Remember if you try this it is at your own risk, I am no scientist and I only tried this on myself and every1 is different.
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NO and please don't try this bleach is a very toxic chemical to the human body. Try a detox formula you can find one at a drugstore or a health food store like GNC.
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It will KILL YOU!
Don't do that!
Go to a head shop and get a drug cleanser kit.
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Yeah, very very bad idea. Do not attempt that, lol. I couldn't even tell you the safe water to bleach ratio to ingest, and even if I knew I do know that it's only to help clean the water of harmful bacteria.
Best bet is to drink a lot of tap/bottled water and exercise a bit to get your blood flowing through your liver and kidneys to help purge it faster..

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