Can Drinking Bleach And Water Kill An Unborn Child?


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Drinking bleach diluted in water will harm your unborn child. Whether it will kill it or not is debatable.

In fact, I'd suggest that the amount of bleach you'd need to drink to kill a fetus would either seriously injure or kill you.

Drinking bleach to abort unborn baby The internet is a very powerful tool full of useful information. Every so often though, you come across ideas like 'drinking bleach to get rid of an unwanted baby'- and these really scare me.

Regardless of what my views are on abortion, I'd recommend staying away from the bleach for the following reasons:
  • It might not be effective
  • It could kill you
  • It might make you ill
  • Your child could end up being born with serious health problems
What will happen if I try to kill an unborn baby by drinking bleach?
Consuming even a small amount of bleach will make you vomit. Because of it's corrosive properties, bleach is also likely to damage the inside of your throat and the lining of your stomach.

In the most serious cases, it could even kill you.

If you want to have an abortion, I would recommend speaking to a healthcare professional and coming up with a better option.
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If you swallow it, it can (and probably will) kill you.
If you put it up inside you, you will probably burn yourself beyond repair and damage your internal organs, which could also result in death.

I pray to God you're not asking for homemade abortion advice.

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