How Long Does Suboxone Take To Kick In?


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1.5 hours
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30-45 minutes
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Someone commented he/she still had awful cravings while on Suboxone. 
I know I do, too.  It feels awful!
When I take my sub 8mg,, I wait for that slight euphoric feeling to kick in.  Sometimes I can feel it more than other times.
I know this isn't an attitude of recovery and that is disturbing me, too.  I know exactly where I can get a hold of 1/2 bottle of 10mg. Oxy's and it's all but driving me up the wall.  I know if I take anything like that while on the sub, I'll get very sick and I certainly don't want to feel worse than I do now!

I just got out of detox on the 17th, and was told by the staff and doctors there it takes around one hour.  I guess the variables, like the size and weight of the person, along with whether or not they have a full stomach, too.  I know for sure when I was using I made sure I took my stuff on an empty stomach and would not eat much for the next couple of hours because I didn't want to quash the high!
Oh Dammit!  I miss that feeling so much.
I hate this part, I really do.  AND then, sooner than later, I'll be off the sub and dealing with the more severe physical withdrawals as well as craving withdrawals I am having now!
I guess it IS just one day at a time!

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