How Long Do You Have To Wait To Take A Suboxone After Taking A Lortab?


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Do you go threw withdrawal if you don't take Lortab or other opiates everyday???   If you just get high once in a while and want to  get a buzz from suboxone than wait 8 hours to take it. But if your addicted to opiates and take Lortab everyday to get by than wait at least 24 hours to take suboxone  or you will go in to withdrawal. But you must be addicted to opiates already for that to happen. But listen to me if your just starting to try out pills and like the way they make you feel.  Stop now because very soon youll be taking them everyday and lots of them to feel a little  tiny anything of them like you do now.  If you like getting high stay with weed and only weed pills will  make you feel great for short  little while then you'll be one of those people you said you would never let yourself get like. Believe me it will happen sorry bro just trying to help you

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