How Long Does Cocaine Take For Pregnant Women If Use Every Other Week?


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All these people being all righteous to the person have to stop... She is asking a question... You don't know why she is asking it.... She may have just found out she is pregnant and had used before knowing... So you all need to get off your high horses and help by posting useful information - not the dribble you's are!

As for the last two post - good job guys - this is what these posts are meant for! TO HELP!
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It will still be the same..3 days with one time use. Chronic or excessive use will take 5-7 days to be out of the system. Cocaine can stay in the placenta well after it is out of you and your baby's system.
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I used cocaine am ashamed to say through three of my pregnancies, my first was born 10 weeks prem, but perfect, next was full term an perfect, next 10 weeks prem again. How lucky I was.  I knew what I was doin was wrong but still carried on, but the gult I feel now is immense. I would advise ne1 not to take cocaine while pregnant, if you love havin a line you only have to wait 9 months.
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Addiction sucks and its the hardest thing to go through. I'm pregnant- very far along in fact and I would like to Know How to clean mine and baby out. Skip over these answers where the people are just being mean. I know its a hard thing
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It will stay in a baby's system that's in inutero until it comes out. It won't be in the blood but it will be in the meconium(baby's forst poop). All drugs that have been used during the pregnancy show up in there. From when used to how much n often can be tested. It will only stay in moms blood for 3-5 days. But that depends on how often it was used and how much.  And depending on her metabolism
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Cocaine only stays in your system 3 days with occasional use. It will remain in the placenta throughout your pregnancy and will also be in your baby's first stool(meconium)
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If pregnant and doing cocaine will it show up in the childs bloodwork if you only did it once?
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Cocaine stays in the system for 72 hours but is only detectable in blood for 24 hours. All drugs stay in the placenta for a much longer period of time ... Frequent use will also stay in the system longer than average time.
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Don't be so hard on them Raindeux!! And pls whoever is pregnant and using this crap is being unreasonable you need too be relistic talking from a medical point of view do you have any idea how it feels to walk through neo-natal-intensive-care-unit with all the little one in there its devastating and I think if the person who's using that kinda crap see pic's off how innocents babies has too suffercate they will think twice before using that %$$%#$#%!
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Please get help if your even thinking about doing cocaine or any other drug that might affect or create a miscarriage. Please think about the child. Get help for yourself. If you've already done it get to a doctor to get tested. Its not fair to the baby.
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I think what you are doing is even worst than abortion.. In case you don't know.. You might just born a dead kid (still birth) which will make him/her lucky.. Or a baby with no head(skull, brain).. Sigh*  I suggest you choose one.. Taking cocaine or being pregnant.. And I don't really understand what you are asking..

but I do know the more you use it the worst your baby's condition will get.. So congrats..
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If you are pregnant and doing coke, your baby is highly effected by the drug, you honestly should thought about the child before doing it. Bc your baby doesn't have the choice to do so. Coke will do a lot more to the baby than it will for you and its not a good outlook. Hope your baby is okay when its born, and hopefully not addicted to anything! Be a good mother at least while you have to. Stop doing coke,crack whatever you think you need.
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I don't think you can be a more horrible parent than you are if you use drugs when you are pregnant. You need to stop doing it until the baby is born or even better, you should never use it again. Your baby is going to have a very hard life- good going!
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Cocaine abuse during pregnancy is associated with various maternal and fetal problems. Cocaine, is a central nervous system stimulant. It has vasoconstrictive effects, significantly decreasing blood flow to the fetus, resulting in periods of decreased oxygen. Many cocaine users use other drugs, exposing the fetus to many drugs, compounding the problems. For women who use cocaine throughout pregnancy it has been proven that they are at a greater risk for premature births of their babes, and a gre
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This person doing drugs while pregnant, should be in jail for child endangerment, and when the baby is born, if it lives, then it should be taken from the mother, and then adopted out. The mother should continue to serve a very long sentence.
This is sickening to me, very much so. I have delivered, naturally, 4 beautiful people, and not a one of them would approve of doing drugs while pregnant, and 2 of them are pregnant.

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