What Are Home Remedies For Lortab Withdrawal?


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Opioid withdrawal is one of the worst types of addiction withdrawal. While not fatal like severe withdrawal from alcohol can be, the symptoms (both mental and physical) are worse then basically any street drug other than heroin (which is an opioid).

I would highly recommend seeing a professional medical doctor trained in opioid addiction to deal with this problem. There are very effective medications available to help mitigate and even almost completely eliminate both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms while detoxing from opoids. Of course these must be perscribed by a doctor, and are not available over the counter. Furthermore, a qualified M.D. Can also help negate the side effects which last after you have completely detoxed from opoids (these symptoms can last for quite a while depending on the amount and length of time you were on the opioid) such as insomnia and muscle pain. He/she (the doctor) should also have the resources available to them to help you deal with the mental side of things. It is very common to have cravings for opoids even after all physical withdrawal symptoms have faded.

If, however, seeing a doctor is unacceptable for whatever reason (and don't let shame/guilt/fear be one of those reasons) then there are a few things you can do to *help* ease withdrawal symptoms, but keep in mind NOTHING will be as effective as what the doctor can prescribe/dispense.

*Keep your self busy. The more you are alone with nothing to do, the more you will concentrate on with your withdrawal symptoms.

*Try to eat even though loss of appetite is very common, try to sleep if you can, and take care of your self. Any little discomfort (pain, hunger, tiredness, etc) will get magnified many times over, so even things that wouldnt normally bother you can become a big deal while in withdrawal.

*Take hot showers if you get cold chills, and take cold showers if you get hot flashes. Both of these symptoms are common in opioid withdrawal. You can be as hot as ever one minute, then freezing cold the next.

There is also one thing which you can take to help alleviate your symptoms (however, again this isn't anywhere near as effective as drugs designed to deal with opioid withdrawal such as Subutex, Suboxone or Methadone)...

Kratom is a plant which is harvested in south-east Asia. It has been used as a a medicinal herb by
local peoples for a very long time, and has been proven by modern science to have actual medicinal
qualities. It does have a stimulant quality like caffiene, and it also has an analgesic (pain killing)
effect similar to (but much less potent) opoids. This latter is of the most interest in thiscase.
Taking kratom has been shown  to help mitigate *some* opioid withdrawal. If not eliminating
them, then at least making the symptoms less severe. While this plant is a controlled substance
in some countries such as Malasyia, Thailand, and Australia, it IS "legal" to sell/posses in the
United States.How long this wil be true, however, is in question since the DEA has classified it as
a "substance of concern". That is not to say that the DEA has (thus far) made it illegal.
A side note, kratom can also become addictive and should not be used for long periods of time.
Typical opioid withdrawal only lasts a week or less (major physical symptoms) and thus no one
shouldcontinue use of the kratom after this period of time. Withdrawal from kratom can be similar
to that ofmorphine (in terms of symptoms) but are less severe.

Kratom can be purchased online. One should also do a LOT of research before buying since it
comesin many forms. Everything from the leaf it self to much more potent extracts can be found. 

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